The Thief 2

The Thief 2
This time instead of trapped in a room, you’re trapped in a jail cell. Try to escape the prison with the items available. You can choose to play either English or Russian version.

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260 thoughts on “The Thief 2

  1. press the hand that points to the other room but press it with you right button then press play and the man will be on a island!

  2. the nail is on the right upper corner of the portret above the dinner table. you can only take it after the guard told you to break the lock.

  3. Listen, in the beginning you click either the old man or yourself to let them speek. when he askes you if you are greedy you give him first the matches (you have to drag them towards his groin (middle) and then the sigarettes. then you drag the spiderweb on yourself and click the hand in the right lower corner.

    first, you call the guard by pressing the button. ask for a joke. call him again and ask for another joke. he says something and you have to do something. he says he’s hungry, you prepare dinner (first click the cup then a new thing etc) DO NOT FORGET TO PLACE THE SPOON NEXT TO THE PLATE. You should be able to do the thing by yourself now.

    it’s just dragging or clicking….

    srry for bad englisch

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