102 thoughts on “Locked Forever 4

  1. Otay Dudes And Dudettes, This Game Like All The Others Is All About The Slightest Most Inconcievable Hint Of Something Being Hidden Within Another. Sometimes These Keys Are Hidden So Well, They Probably Only Take Up A Pixel Or Two, And You Have To Make Out The Hints Of Yellow.

    1. The 1st Key Can Be Found To The Lower Right Of The Mop.

    2. The Bottom Step Retracts Back. Look Toward The Middle Underneath The Step To Notice A Faint Hint Of A Blue Key.

    3. For The Boxes Underneath The Steps, The Lower Right One Has A Sword.

    4. The Room With The TV. Grab The Olive Green Spray Bottle. Click The Ottoman Till It Reveals The Next Key.

    5. In The Room With The Furnance, Use The Blue Key To Open The White Box. Inside Is A Key.

    6. Behind The Wood Planks Is A Coin.

    7. The Box Next To Them Have A Bundle Of Newspapers. Grab That And Throw That In The Furnance. Grab The Key In The Box.

    8. In The Room With The Washing Machine, Put The Coin In The Slot For That Key.

    9. Place The Spray Can Next To The Right Mouse Hole And Wait Until The Mouse Comes Out. Click On Him Immediately And He Will Kinda Poop Out A key.

    10. The Safe Becomes Acessable. Go In And Take The Power Saw To The Middle Of The Shelves Facing You. A Key Will Be In The Debris Of Books On The Floor. Grab The Match Box On The Shelf. Also Notice The Match Stick Behind The Saw. Memerize The Place Were You Can See It Behind The Handle And Click On It. The Gray Box Above The Saw on The Shelf Has A Key.

    11. Take The Sword In The TV Room And Put It To The Side Of The Chair. Key In Slash.

    12. Click On The Match Stick And The Box To Make The Match Light. Put The Lit Match In The Furnace. Click The Fire And Then You’ll See A Key.

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