Submachine 3 The Loop

Submachine 3 The Loop
You might think you’ve escaped the Submachine 2, but guess what. The game is not over yet. This time there’s nothing for you to collect at all, it’s just YOU and the machine. Recently the creator of the Submachine had just released another great episode! Enjoy the third episode Submachine 3: The Loop.

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113 thoughts on “Submachine 3 The Loop

  1. hi please can sumone help me im on submachine 3 level 2 theres sum numbers i done them all the same has the 1 that cnt move and nothing ias happening im so sick its doing my head in i wud lv 2 pass it xxx

  2. to the people who die of dehydration:
    read the note in the map room, find the leaf, usually not far from the center, like -1,0 or 0,1 or something, and take it to the location the note says.
    The submachine will dissolve and you will have escaped.

  3. Where is the plastic tube?I’ve looked all over
    for it and I STILL can’t find it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey this has nothing about the game but who plays World of warcraft?? plz reaspond

  5. ok i cant figure out what lvl im on its with the symbol lvl and it said something about make the symbols look like the password/s

  6. HEY!! Just clearing something up. If you are reading the walk through, the stage where you first get the right corner ‘counter’ is
    NOT A LEVEL!!!

    that was confusing the heck out of me. It made the instructions one level ahead of the level I was on, making EVERYTHING impossible!!

  7. I finished the whole game its actually really easy , so if you want answers , just ask me and i’ll tell you step by step on what to do , and trust me you’ll get it when i explain , oh and level three , how to do that one is , ok read this carefully , if you click all the buttons you notice that one of the numbers does not move , lets say the number is … 7 , so on every little dial with the numbers , put 7 where that 7 was on the one that would not move , and do that with all of the numbers that wont move and it should work , do you get it ???? If not ask me and i’ll help . I hope i helped you , so just ask me and i will gladly help !!!!

  8. submachin 3: the loop was the easyest of the first 3 submachine games.
    but at the end i was trying to decide between going for the green leaf and then to zone 12,9 or just keep playing, it could be a trap…

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