56 thoughts on “Mobai Room

  1. This game was really easy. including guide for ppl stuck.

    first lift up the pillow and get the pen.
    then look under the bed for the crow bar.
    go left and find the lockers.
    open up the lockers.
    pop the balloon with the pen to get a key.
    use the crowbar on the locked locker and get dynamite.
    go to the drawers and open up the drawers.
    use the key to unlock the locked drawer.
    get the magnifying glass and paper.
    click the paper and combine it with the pen. scribble on the paper till it turns black (3 clicks).
    go up the stepladder and use the crowbar on the iron covering.
    then combine the black paper and the magnifying glass to ignite the paper.
    go over to the door and then combine the burning paper and the dynamite and use it on the door.
    you have to hurry you have a countdown.
    the door will explode and you are free.

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