IBM Game Developer Code 4

IBM Game Developer Code 4
At last! The people who created the IBM Game Developer Code had open up all the episodes of the game to the public. This is the fourth episode of the point and click game.

Below is the translation of the story:

2006-6-13 13:13:13

At last the demand argument has ended, but our client suddenly rush us for the framework. This time our framework expert Rick disappeared. What an unlucky day!

2006-6-14 10:23:45

Gone with him is our Matrix software framework plan. We have to hide the problem from the client by secretly looking around for the plan. “Bang bang bang…”, far away is the sound of the drill. Stop it, Gill we had enough of trouble!

2006-6-15 16:37:34

Gill stopped, but still he got bitten by Rick’s pet turtle Rock. Other staff never give up looking for the plan. Meeting time is coming! What should i do?

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