A nice looking adventure point and click game which kinda reminds me of the previous Samorost game. This is a game by Bernd Mattiebe.

Play Wogger

73 thoughts on “Wogger

  1. Heya, yea.. I’m stuck on that seashell part too. No idea where to put the fruit!

  2. arrgh this bloody submarine! cant make it go into the tunnel and it takes so long to fall down and get back to where i was each time

  3. Ooh yeah.. you must also click one time on the handle right (under)of the window.

    Then grab the barrel and put it in the same place between the four radars. Good luck!

  4. Hello,

    You put the fruit between the four radars. (above his head) Then click the antenns. The window opens again. Give him the fruit to eat. He will go away. Then collect the pits and put them into the thoughtcloud, in the middle of the island.

  5. I think wogger is a realy cool game I play it all the time.so I think you should too mom I miss you!

  6. after the fruit part, i forgot what i did, i think i ckicked the anchor. after that, u put the fan back onto the mast of the raft, then click the anchor, then put the light back into the lamp

  7. MBO… all you have to do is follow the sub while it’s nearing the tunnel and then click it when it allows you to

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