IBM Game Developer Code 3

IBM Game Developer Code 3
If you enjoyed playing the IBM Game Developer Code series, then you won’t want to miss this 3rd episode do you?

As usual, heres my translation of IBM Game Developer Code 3 storyline:

2006-6-8 11:19:39

Good news is: Matrix software is completed! Bad news is: Client say that is not what they want!
Problem is: Our analyst expert Leo and some analyst file had disappeared!

2006-6-9 02:44:58

Searched the whole building, but Leo is no where to be found. Everyone got really tired searching, only Gil never give up. Even though his tool is not very useful, but i still never lose hope. Gil, good luck!

2006-6-10 16:37:34

Other than a monkey, Gil found nothing. This stupid Gil wanted to know where is Leo and the file from the monkey’s mouth! Client is rushing us like mad. What should i do!!!

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4 thoughts on “IBM Game Developer Code 3

  1. i am stuck, i don’t know what to do and i have never finished this yet,i don’t think i even will,plz help!

  2. after you get the paper ball scratch the white bar on the credit card to reveal numbers

    those numbers are the password to the pc and the username is

    open the code which DOES work and the password for that is the code on the popsicle stick

    open the next thing and click the print button at the upper right corner

    your welcome

  3. please somebody help me!!!! anybody know a link for a walkthrough??????????????????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!! P L E A S E H E L P ? ? ? ! ! !

  4. *so i found the box in the third drawer and opened it with the card from the book on that sticks out on the book case (open it)
    *opened the box with the card and got a waded up paper ball
    *i got the wallet thing from the fridge and opened that and got the oiler thing
    *clicked on the window and opened the curten by clicking the first shadow
    *then oiled the window and got the stick
    *turned on the vent from the switch by the door (papers on the other side of the fridge thing)
    so i have everything but i don’t know what the extra stuff is for and how to access the computer

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