IBM Game Developer Code 2

IBM Game Developer Code 2
Remember the IBM Game Developer Code? The creator of the point and click game had just release 2 more episode of the game.

Here is my translation for IBM Game Developer Code 2 storyline:

2006-5-31 10:18:28

I’m going crazy! Our company’s biggest project Matrix software is going to complete but our testing expert Tom suddenly left the company! What make it even worse is the testing report that Tom in charge is no where to be found. If we can’t find it, our effort will be in vain!

2006-6-1 14:37:44

After thinking for a night, i decided to let Gil find it. On Tom’s birthday, nobody in the company give Tom a present except Gil. The present is a dog name Jay. Since both Tom and Gil is good friends, surely Gil can find out the report. Gil we fully depend on you.

2006-6-2 19:00:33

At Dinner time, Gil ran into office full of sweat. Its that same kind of innocent look in his eye. This stupid guy! Deadline is coming, if there is some sort of clue i be thanking God. What should i do!!!

Play IBM Game Developer Code 2

If you don’t understand Chinese, here are some important hint:
The cap says your winning number is [your cap number]
Combine your book number and cap number to login

11 thoughts on “IBM Game Developer Code 2

  1. 5. The chairs in the corner on the left chair you can click around to get behind the chair to get the battery for the Ipod, the ipod number is safe code,

    6.the key is in the safe, the key opens the drawers there is a document with 3 numbers on it, take it,

    7. pour water in the cup from the water machine, go to the hole in the floor pour it in, youll get a cap, with 3 numbers on it, take it,

    8.go to the bookcase on the left hand side in the middle somwhere is a box you can zoom in on, use the screw driver to break it, and take the computer battery drag the battery to the computer, and hit the red button to turn it in

    9. combine the document code with the cap code, and that is the login password

  2. this game makes me dizzy !!!! point and click and room spins !!!!!!! cant find the cap so i givin up b4 i get ill

  3. the numbers do change each game, at least I had differnt ones.
    pour the water from the drink thing in the hole and take the cap. The number from the diary/book + the number from the cap ist the code to the computer.
    but the computer needs power.
    theres a box on the shelf to which you can put the screwdriver. take th black and yellow thing and put it to the laptop. now you’ve got power.

  4. Heres what I have so far:

    - an I-pod thingy by the plant
    - a battery beside the chair
    - The key from the safe (you have to put the battery in the I-pod then type in the combination into the safe to open it)
    -The diary/book from the desk
    -The screwdriver from the trash can under the desk’s middle
    -The cup from the drink thing (you can put it back and press the button to put water into it)
    -There’s a hole under the edge of the carpet on the floor.
    -If your lazy, the safe combination is: 18##0077 (but it might change each game…
    -The thing in the diary/book says: 405.
    - I’m stuck now:D

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