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  1. help i have everthing done im just stuck on the part with the black light to see 3 letters tried backing away from screen tried everything

  2. awsome game didnt have to use any cheats you just have to use your mind and think specilally when you have to use the black light to get the code word for the computer awsome game. if you didnt get the code word its hue unless it changes everytime you start over

  3. i’m having trouble finding the red phone….i read the comment that YUM left but still wasnt able to find it ..

  4. Andy was right!
    With the lettersâ?¦
    If you look inbetween the shapes, those are the actual letters, if you draw it out on a peice of paper, put a box round them and colour the blanks in, you should see it.

  5. Remember with them funny shapes, when u look at them with the dark light. Look what’s missing, not what’s there, if that helps.

  6. i cant find the shapey word fingy what do i have to keep ckilcking or summink? :S

  7. aw man i can’t get into the safe! i played that Zuno game and noted down where the yellow car appears but i need a password but i can’t find it or enter anything!

  8. The red phone is under the Car key in the brown chest and the grey phone is on the desk with the computer inside the BLUE book, click the folded part of the yellow page!

    Hope I helped!

  9. With the letters…
    If you look inbetween the shapes, those are the actual letters, if you draw it out on a peice of paper, put a box round them and colour the blanks in, you should see it.

  10. man that was alot harder than il destino (the first one). if your stuck on the letters at the top of the stairs (with the lights turned off and the backlight on), try moving away from the computer screen and/or blurring youre eyes up a bit, its the spaces that fill the gaps not the symbols themselves. hope that helps people

  11. Tip By Onebun ~ If you were to draw a rectangle around the edges of the shapes, then you would find the letters between the shapes in the negative space. If you struggle, try drawing it on a piece of paper and frame in the shapes, then color in the shapes.

  12. To see the letters u have to look at them from the distance. It’s a 3 letters word.

  13. hi i av dun all the game except the key generator one. i cannot for the life of me figure out the word.. .PLZ HELP!!!


  14. help!
    when i click on the floor w/ the black lamp when the lights are off, letters don’t appear…just strange symbols…

  15. when i click on the floor for the letters, somethin appears but they are not letters

  16. At the ZUNO game u have to remember the order of the numbers, and the number where the yellow car appears. Each game i think it’s a different order. U can play it several times. The sequence dosn’t change during the game.

    The circle thing in the wall is a clock. From there u have to take the green thing. The square thing on the wall is a seif. From there u have to take the key for the car, and a red cell phone.

    If u have more questions just ask.

  17. What do you do on the square thing on the wall
    and the circle thing on the wall

  18. What is the third part of the zumo puzzle? please tell me Meddea

  19. OK. Here is a full walkthrough.
    - Ashtray – it’s on the table
    - if u move the chair u will see a electrical outlet. U will need it later
    - yellow thing – left door handle
    - cell phone – from the book
    - yellow car – from the chair near the computer
    - empty ashtray in the trass box
    - look at the clook and see the green thing(u can’t reach it)
    - ted thing – click the top of the post(looking down from the top of the stair
    - extention gripper – afom the dresser at the left.
    - memory card case – top left of the dresser, u need the extention gripper to get it
    - battery – top right of the dresser, also use the extention gripper
    - black light lamp – right drawer
    Turn off the light(top of the stairs at the right) Go left once and use lamp on the floor. U will see 3 letters(different every time) you’ll use them at the computer.
    Use lamp on the ashtray and u will find the code for the tool box. Turn on the light.
    - screwdriver and blue thing – tool box
    Go downstairs.
    - key – from the car(use screwdriver)
    - put the battery in the electrical outlet, and then the phone. exit this view and then come back. The phone is charged.
    - look at the phone – send message to dad.
    - look at the phone again – you’ve got mail
    - open mail and play ZUNO. U need to take the yellow car out so remember the numbers where thw yellow car apears. Use this code and the key at the seif on the wall with the clock and get car key and red cell phone.
    - green thing – use gripper
    - memory card – from the red phone
    - use memory card with memoru card case and then put it in the card reader. Open the computer. Type the 3 letters from upstairs and then take the memory card.
    Go to the final seif. Put the 4 things, and the memory card. Use car key on the car and u finished it.

  20. Yeah hey, my clue of the magazine is #1 Ski place and the thing says PO PS***, cant find the pass, help, thnx

  21. Can you tell me the symbols to the computer? And the password to the safe? Thank you

  22. I just have the cell phone and a golden key, but i don’t know how to go on.

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