IL Destino

IL Destino
This is another good looking point and click game created by the Japanese. If you wonder why it looks abit like The Bar, well because its from the same creator. Duh.

Nice looking car eh?

Play IL Destino

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  2. Walk-through

    Go left to stairs pick up piece on stairs

    Go left pick up cell phone

    Click side of Cellphone and get memory card

    Get LED flashlight from left top drawer.

    Go to stairs view and turn of lights.

    Look at wall towards the cabinets and click the LED light to to the wall *keep a mental note of the symbols*

    Go down to the computer, pick up toy car, put the memory card in the memory card reader

    Click the power button, click the the key generator, click and drag in order the symbols seen on wall.

    Take memory card from the memory card reader.

    Go to the table, pick up the piece from between the chairs, pick up ashtray.

    Go to the clock and get the Green piece inside the clock.

    Go to trash can, dump ashes in the trash can, look at code and make a mental note of the number. *Number is different each time*

    unlock the tool box with the code, grab the final piece and screwdriver.

    Go to the toy car, flip it over, unscrew the bottom screw, take key.

    Go the small lock, type in the code “net” and use the key in that order.

    Take the car key.

    Go to the BIG lock system and put in the four pieces in the holes, insert the memory card into the slot.

    Go to the driver side,(american version: Passenger side) and unlock.

    Then YOU WIN technically…..

  3. its very very easy




    Computer symbols:go up stairs then turn of the ligths click the arrow 2x then click random

  4. The password for the toolbox is on the ahstray but the ash is covering it so you need to go to the trash can click on the bin then click on the ash tray so it will empty it out then the next time u look at it you will have the password

  5. Hello there my name is Gharrett Lamping and i am playing il destino and i need to know were the code or what the code for the safe is.

  6. what is up with this game i cant find the safe code or the tourch or any keys ………………..omg i just need a walkthrew

  7. where teh f*** do I find password for that safe???…on that stupid goo page everything is in japanese or chinese or whatever…I can find jack shit!

  8. how the FCK do we find the password for the safe plz plz plz plz tell me

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